Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Let Go Of Your Baby

Sometimes in life we come up with a great idea and we gather the strength and resources to make that idea manifest on this earth plane. Then thru hard work, care and feeding of the great idea it blossoms and starts to grow. Sometimes it grows so fast we are shocked by the speed of the growth. Usually at this stage it becomes necessary to take it to the next level.
What often happens at this stage is it requires more physical resources to get it to the next level. Whether that is a bigger building or more employees or more money or whatever is needed to get you to the next level. It is in this phase that things usually come together or fall apart. And most often that result is determined by the ability of the person who is  the owner of the business or the creator of the initial idea. Most of the time they have a vision of how/what this should look like and are not willing to take a look at other perspectives from people who are experts in getting their “baby” to the next level. This has to do with control issues. We have seen this numerous times in business. There is the person who cannot give up even the slightest bit of control to entertain the notion that the experts are here to help them not take it from them.
So how do you, if you are the owner of the idea/business allow yourself to trust the process and the people who show up to help? Let’s use a book for our example.  You spent 4 years writing your book you put all the pieces together and now your baby is finished. You send your baby out to numerous publishers and finally one says yes.  You negotiate the terms and decide that they will be the ones to put your baby out there. Now comes the hard part. The editors start going over your book and doing what they are paid to do. But you feel like they are criticizing your baby and that they are missing the point you are trying to make.  And it can feel personal and it can feel like you are being attacked.  Those are valid feelings in this process. But at what point do you relax into the flow and trust that the Universe/God/ Jesus/ The Creator is taking care of you? How do you find the guts to let go of the rock on the shore and allow yourself to float down the river and go with the flow. I mean what if these editors screw it all up. It is your baby, the professionals are changing your words and it may not have same meaning. But what if you trust the professionals and allow their energy in to the process to make your baby better. What if they make your baby better and make it so everyone reads your baby? What if they see things completely different than you do and have a bigger vision for your baby?  How do  let go of your version to allow for something bigger that looks completely different? After all maybe your version of your baby is right?  I mean Steve Jobs had a very distinct version of his babies and he was a complete control freak but he was right about his babies. How do you know if you are right or if letting go is right?
The answer may lie in your perceptions. At least it usually does for me. And sometimes it requires a friend or a guru to do the analysis on what signs may enter your perceptions. The key to this is staying awake kind of like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty.  You must ask that signs be given and you must be awake enough to see them and interpret them. Thus  the importance of a friend or guru to help you . Signs are always around us letting us know where we stand if we just pay attention.
Here is an example from my own life.  In this case the baby was a change of job to something that fits with my degree and life’s calling far more than the job I currently have. I was doing everything I could to try and make it happen.  I had gone thru all the possible steps and was now in the wait and see phase of the process. I kept trying to figure out something else to “Do.”
I was driving home from work one night and every time I started to press the accelerator to move a little faster a white pickup truck moved in front of me and it forced me to slow back down. Now one white pickup truck doing this is one thing….. but it happened to me six times on the drive home, big, huge, white pickup trucks. Enough so that I paid attention and got the message with some help from my friend/guru. The white pickup truck is signifying White light. A Big pickup truck signifies plenty of room for me to haul my baby in. Also the song, “Feeling Groovy” started running thru my mind.  Specifically the opening verse, slow down you move too fast…..U-huh. Relax and go with the flow instead of trying so hard to get out in front of it.
So if you are not getting any messages how do you know whether to take the Steve Jobs approach and control everything or trust the help that appears.  Well even Steve Jobs hired the right people to help get the baby made. And if you really don’t know much about the next phase you do need to trust in folks who do to get you there. You still need to let your guard down to trust the help that manifests.
When you come to a place of harmony and accept the help miraculous things can happen. The outpouring of blessings and success can be beyond your wildest dreams. You must first TRUST. And learning to do that is a process.  Here’s to the process. Here’s to reading the signs along the way and here’s to outlandish success!