Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hi there and welcome to my blog. First off, If you think this blog is about Christianity...... I hate to disappoint you but it is not. In fact some things that will be written about on here might even offend a Conservative Christian. So be forewarned. My name is Christy thus the reason for the title of the blog.....Christyanity.

This blog is not really about religion except that since I have this cool blog name I may have to start my own religion. Ha! Now that would be fun to invent as I go along on. But I digress. I am not a religious person but I am very spiritual and my spirituality comes from a merging of all sorts of various religious traditions. Hindu, Native American Indian, Catholic, Tibetan, Aboriginal, Sikh etc......and Spiritual topics may be presented. 

But today Here is the question:

So what's up with "anity"?

Is it just me or does anyone else find it interesting that Christianity has the same suffix as Insanity? Coincidence? Maybe...maybe not. I also find it funny that one of the big no-no's in my Christian upbringing was the use of Profanity. See there it is again. ANITY.

Ok...so to throw it all together for this blog. Since the name of my blog is Christy "ANITY" we can assume that I could be insane and that I cuss. I think the jury is still out on the insanity part, but, yes I do have some what of a potty mouth. So what you'll be getting here is an insane look at the world from a girl with a potty mouth and the topics will be all over the place. Yep I think that covers it.

I think perhaps putting together my own religion based on things I have learned from all different places might just be kinda fun.  And since this is my first post I believe I should start a tradition. So here is a link to John Holland's Oracle guidance to pick your card for today.